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We just love food!

Legit Foodie was born out of a need to find out about food from people that are just like you and me. No offense to food critics and the search engines we know and love, but what about the average foodie? That's where Legit Foodie differs. With Legit Foodie, you can SEE and HEAR what people think about that new local spot that just opened up, or that fancy restaurant everyone is talking about. If the review is up on our site, it has our stamp of approval, whether the food is Bad (Not Legit), Good (Legit), or average (Seems Legit).


Beyond hosting the reviews of some of the most legitimate foodies out there, Legit Foodie also offers a one of a kind "Legit Foodie Experience" or "LFX" as we like to call it. These are curated events for all foodie types that promise fun and great food. 


As we build our brand, we intend to do bigger events and provide more food-related content to our audience. Legit Foodie is and has been since it's creation, about the unique style and passion foodies bring. This organically leads us to the question, and also to the only answer possible. 


Who is a Legit Foodie?

You are.

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