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What's your Legit Level?

  • Seems Legit!

    Every month
    A little bit goes a long way!!
    • Subscriber only updates.
    • Access to our Discord chat at level 2!
  • It's Legit!!

    Every month
    You already know what it is!!
    • Everything in previous tier!!!! (discord chat level 3)
    • Access to behind the scenes footage!!!
  • Best Value

    Super Legit!!!

    Every month
    Your support means more than you know!!!
    • Everything in previous tier!!! (discord chat level 4)
    • Access to our video vault!!!
    • Access to our monthly Zoom call!!!
  • Too Legit!!!!

    Every month
    Too Legit!!!! Too Legit to quit!!!!
    • Everything in previous tier!!!! (discord chat level 5)
    • Legit Foodie shop 10% discount code every three months!!!!
  • 1 time donation

    You just want to help! Thank you!!
    Valid for one year
    • This level is a just a one time donation to support us.

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